maronite cross 127x175

3 Appleton St.
Waterville, ME 04901-6630
Office Phone: (207) 872-8515


Rev. Fr. James Doran, Pastor
Mr. Steve Crate, Subdeacon

Mass Times
Saturday: 4:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM

Half hour before mass,
Emergencies, &
by appointment

Abouna James Doran

Fr James Doran

Church Windows

Our Lady of The Rosary
South Window 2
St. Joseph
North Window
St. Thecla
North Window 2
St. John the Baptizer
North Window 3
The Healing of Abgard
St. Jude Chapel
St. Jude Healing
St. Jude Chapel
Jesus Healing
St. Jude Chapel
St. Maron
South Window 3
Keys, Tiera
Stair Well to Hall
Cry Room
St. Joseph, the Carpenter
St. Mary
Massabki Brothers
Servers’ Sacristy
St. Maron Praying
Servers’ Sacristy
Candle & Scriptures
Confessional Room
Confessional Room
Holy Eucharist
Holy Spirit
Entrance to Choir Loft
Stair well to Choir Loft
King David in His Harp
Choir Loft
Our Lady of Harissa

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Additional liturgy recordings can be found by clicking here.


February 11, 2018 Cana Sunday--Entrance into Great Lent (up to communion)

February 18, 2018 Healing of the Leper--Second Sunday of Great Lent