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Our Beautiful Sanctuary

and Windows


IMG 0182

St. Jude

Out side Entrance

IMG 0711Over the Side Altar
IMG 0788

Church Entrance

Front Street

IMG 0789Over the Chapel Entrance 
IMG 0824


South Side

IMG 0825


North Side

IMG 0761

Jesus In the Garden

Above the Altar

StJospehsBuilding 40

Saint Rafka

Appleton Entrance

StJospehsBuilding 06Our Lady of The Rosary

South Window 2

StJospehsBuilding 07St. Joseph

North Window

StJospehsBuilding 08

St. Thecla

North Window 2

StJospehsBuilding 09St. John the Baptizer

North Window 3

StJospehsBuilding   10The Healing of Abgard

St. Jude Chapel

StJospehsBuilding   11St. Jude Healing

St. Jude Chapel

StJospehsBuilding   12Jesus Healing

St. Jude Chapel

StJospehsBuilding   18  St. Maron

South Window 3

IMG 0167

St. Theresa

South Side 4

IMG 0753

Jesus - Trinity

South Window 1

IMG 0776 1

St. Cecilia

Stairs to the Choir Loft

IMG 0806

Maria Goreti

North Side 4

Keys Tiera Keys, Tiera

Stair Well to Hall


Cry Room

Saint JosephSt. Joseph the Carpenter


Saint Mary

St. Mary


Jesus as a Child

Jesus as A Child


Massabki Brothers

Massabki Brothers

Servers’ Sacristy

StJospehsBuilding 28

St. Maron Praying

Servers’ Sacristy

StJospehsBuilding 29

Candle & Scriptures

Confessional Room

StJospehsBuilding 30

Cross and Wheat

Confessional Room

StJospehsBuilding 32Holy Eucharist  StJospehsBuilding 34

Holy Spirit


StJospehsBuilding 35


Entrance to Choir Loft

StJospehsBuilding 36

Stair well to

Choir Loft

StJospehsBuilding 38

King David in His Harp

Choir Loft

 StJospehsBuilding 39

Our Lady of Harissa



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